What is Rikslunchen Pass?

Employers all over Sweden choose to subsidize the lunch for their employees, either through staff canteens or another type of benefit. We provide companies and their employees with a prepaid card, Rikslunchen Pass, which can be used in your restaurant. The amount that is topped-up to the card is only intended for food and can therefore not be used in for example clothing stores.

Sweden's biggest companies have chosen us as a supplier for their meal benefit. Together they have 80 000 employees that pay their lunch with Rikslunchen Pass every day. Several of them are probably already customers of yours. Since the start in 2010 our goal has been to get more people to eat lunch at one of Sweden's 26 000 restaurants. A task which we have succeeded very well with.

Our advantages

You don’t have to do anything to accept Rikslunchen Pass. Our card is included in your regular acquirer agreement with your bank. It should be easy and simple to pay for a lunch. With us you don't have to pay any extra transaction fees or sign a separate agreement to accept our card.

We favour you as a restaurant owner. You have the opportunity to take part of earmarked money without doing anything. The card works in all restaurants. This is one of the reasons why Nordea and Microsoft among others have chosen us as their supplier of meal cards.

In Sweden there are two companies that deliver meal benefits through a card. Please compare us to our competitor.

This is how you recognize our card

First edition (until March 2014)

Second edition (from April 2014)